Friday, August 12, 2016

The Cup indeed, has Run over-


ugh!  I opened up the blog and have tried more than twice…lost track… to edit the type and make it larger on my previous post.  I wrote that post and had it scheduled to go up on Wednesday morning, because it was the last ICAD post and it was easier to do it that way. I like the scheduling feature

I finally had to open up Live Writer and make my edits (enlarge the font) and repost it.  What a head-ache.

This is just a small technical thing.  Something I used to love dealing with when it came to my blog. There was a time when I  would love sitting down to the computer and spending time dinking around in the back ground making the pages look better, putting up links or changing out photos; all because I loved babying my blog.

Its obvious that passion for blogging and the zeal and the fun that I’ve had doing those things, as well as writing posts, has waned.  Gone are the days when I had time ( NO MADE TIME)  to do all the little things it takes to run this blog.

I’ve been blogging here for over eight years.  Its been hit and miss some times.  There have been times I’ve taken leave of the blog to care for others, tend to life or just take a big fat time out. 

There are many people I’ve met, who have come through this door into my life and have been a real blessing to me and my family. You have cheered me, encouraged me, befriended me in various aspects of my life. Many of you, I have grown to love as sisters and we remain in contact via email and phone calls—regardless of the blog posts—all of you mean so much to me.  It’s a hard decision.

I have school coming up in a couple of weeks. Honestly, I’m not even registered for a class yet, You know how I procrastinate! Without going into all the details I’ll just say, I need my family and they need me. Keeping them close is important.

The time has come for me to make that final decision and leave blogging behind.


It’s not about content. Corn in my Coffee-Pot is ALL THE CONTENT. You know how openly I’ve shared whatever was perking. There has never been a time when I didn’t really have something to talk about here.  If I didn’t have a DIY post to share, then I would talk about life, family, gardening, health, Frugal Fodder, drop-off Dogs or grand-children.

I’ve almost always blogged without obligation—but knowing that my blog is sitting here waiting for me to make a move, type something or reach out and add to the fodder that is the Web, nags at me. It doesn’t seem right to come and go with such irregularity.

I’ve made the decision to leave the blog up. I will tweak the sidebars and also adjust some pages/ tabs making it easier for my Pinterest traffic that comes for inquiries on the Faux wood Paper floor easier to find.   Other than that, most of it will stay as is, so not to mess up links or create broken links.

As always, there is the question,”Will I return to blogging”?  That’s always a possibility and I suppose it could happen, You know how indecisive I can be! However, it probably won’t be here at Corn in my Coffee-Pot. 

Be Blessed, as you have all blessed me so very much in your faithfulness to read and kind words!

‘Til we meet again! (or you see me on Instagram)



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ICAD: 61 days

I some how lost track of the weeks for ICAD this year and believe I might have miscounted them.  I was going to title this WEEK 9- ICAD, or something just as fantastic and oringinal...  but, I think it’s week 8.  Regardless how you slice your ICAD… there are only 61 days for the Summer challenge. So this is the last installment! 

Day 57: STICKERS – I like the alpha-stickers and used them to write this important message to all who read it… Find Joy!  …it is what strengthens you! 


DAY 58:  GRAFFITI – a nod to ICAD.  I created this little brick wall. Then I stared at it for a few minutes… my brain was screaming… WHAT TO WRITE?!   Over all, I like how it turned out. 


DAY 59: TIC TAC TOE …nuff said.


DAY 60:  SORBET – a painted card. Its a special card, I’ll cherish for personal reasons. Because of the company I was with when I painted it. I added the ‘handwriting examples’ on Day 60! 


DAY 61: PATH  -- The finale!  I mentioned on my Instagram … that regardless what you do in life with your hands and your time and all your days and your words… Follow Truth.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”


I’ve written notes on the backs of some of these cards. Little messages to my kids, I suppose; expressing thoughts and feelings about certain days.  At this point I’m not so sure what I’ll do with them. For now, they are tied with a piece of string and put with last years cards. 

One day, I may place them in an album or a book or create an art journal--

some of them, might even be framed!  Maybe you’ve made some ICAD and are not sure what to do with them… here are some tips and ideas!


‘Til next year, fellow ICADians and readers…

I hope you enjoyed ICAD 2016—61 Day Challenge.

Now, back to IRregularly schedule programming!


Really, Thank you so much for looking!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Closet Flip Around


So when we moved into our house about 20 years ago… there were only 2 closets.  The one pictured below…was NOT one of them!


The Honey built that closet. I called it a utility closet… but it was mainly storage and hardly ever utilized to it’s potential.

I cleaned this room out in 2010—which seems like FOR-EV-ER AGO!!! I had joined Donna at FJI for a workshop series. It’s HISTORY NOW… but just in case you like history, you can see my reveal post here.  …  and it stayed …eh! decent for a while. As time passed, we could never use it because things get dropped, laid, stacked (you name it) in front of those doors.  Not a functional closet.

Then in 2014 we thought we would be moving.  The realtor that toured the house and truly disappointed me, wouldn’t even list our bedroom as a bedroom because…






I’ve wanted a closet and often wondered why we made this closet here in the mudroom/laundry room/back porch?  Why DID we make one here?  I don’t know.


Anyway, July 4th weekend, we began tearing this closet out. That ship-lapped wall you see inside that closet hides my tiny 9 X 12 bedroom on the other side. *NOTE the saw blades you can barely glimpse them at the top of that photo.  My daughters painted those for me when they were just young girls.  We’ll come back to those in a bit.

The other side of the wall is paneled…you can see below.



We cut the paneling out.


The ship-lap is cut away.  Now we can stand in the bedroom and look into the screened in mudroom.


Certain studs were moved from one wall to the other and we began building a wall with 1 X 4 boards.  The ship-lap was saved be couldn’t be used for this project.


Hind-sight … remove the saw blades before  building a new wall…

AND WEAR EYE PROTECTION!  I have three bite marks around my eye…the long one went in pretty deep. I thought it needed stitches, but thankfully it didn’t.


I’m all better now. 

I’ll return in a few days to show you the end results of the Closet flip around!

‘Til Next time, be blessed.

Bless your home, and bless all those that enter.